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Serious Games Future Play 2007 Competition - Nominations

Via: Drinks DS

Following my prior post Future Play 2007 Competition Embraces Serious Games, Drinks was nominated in all three categories of Future Play 2007 - Student, Indie and Serious Games.

Experience life as a bartender. Mix, shake and stir your way through the city nightlife - as you work your way from decrepit biker bars to ever fancier pubs and classy nightclubs.

Drinks is a bartender simulator for the Nintendo DS, currently being developed by a team of students at
Gotland University, Sweden.

The development team put together a hype machine blog at they intend to use as a plattform for marketing and introducing Drinks to prospective clients, gamers and competition.

DrinkS won also the hearts and minds of the masses, embodied in the People’s Choice Award.

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