Thursday, August 06, 2015

My New Blog "Serious Games Experts"

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Dear All,

I have been futuring the Serious Games space since 2006, witnessing organizations introduce Serious Games & Simulations to make their company's value proposition more compelling and understanding how games are utilized for education and contextual learning, consumer engagement & customer retention.

Serious Games are now successfully being developed and deployed all over the world and for a variety of applications.

I have created a new Blog to honor Serious Games Experts worldwide -
 Researchers, Developers, Entrepreneurs, Advocates & Adopters - and celebrate their major breakthroughs.

Here is a sample of SERIOUS GAMES EXPERTS most popular blog posts so far:

Carolyn Scott’s Storybox Adventure Launched, Engaging Young People In Global Problem Solving

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Serious Games Expert Professor Minhua Ma Makes Her Mark In The Healthcare Market

Playmation Studios Novel Approach To Serious Games For Foreign Language Learning

Gamelearn Creating Adventure Serious Games To Develop Soft Skills 

Backyard Engineers By Filament Games Helping Teachers Introduce Engineering Concepts 

Coming Soon The Leadership Game By Totem Learning Where Roles Are Fluid And Opportunities Plenty 

Toolwire Writing Games Attain Contextual Relevance For English Composition In The Real World

Robot Factory By Simcoach Games A Finalist @ SGS&C 2014

And here are the Serious Games Reports made available so far:

Field Study Report For GlassLab’s Argumentation Serious Game 

PreK-12 Non-Hardware ED TECH Report – Market Size & Opportunity For Serious Games Penetration 

Developing For Impact, Office of Ed Tech’s Primer for Developers, Startups and Entrepreneurs 

Have a playful reading! 

Warmly, E.